"Top hidden gems to try out on iOS"

"Vikings: an Archer’s Journey is a fun running and shooting game which has improved significantly with updates" (4/5)



"Conceptually and artistically superb, Vikings: An Archer's Journey is an arrow that lands just shy of excellence"

"Visually speaking, Vikings is a stunningly gorgeous game" (8/10)

"The game received an original design, nice graphic design in a hand-drawn style, excellent animation and worthy soundtrack."

"Vikings: An Archer’s Journey is able to captivate with its visual style and aesthetic design"

Nott, a Valkyrie with a tenacious character, has incurred the wrath of the Viking gods who, as punishment, have sent her loyal wolf Oder into the Underworld.

  • Mix between Infinite runner and shoot’em up gameplay
  • Procedural level generation : a new game experience each time.
  • Simple controls : easy to learn, but difficult to master
  • Collect the different firing power ups (Bullet Time, Multi-Arrows, Explosive Arrows and Target Help)
  • Make combos to switch to Fury Mode!
  • Five Vikings to unlock, each one with their own unique characteristics.
  • When the dark rises, make a Group Kill to earn extra bonus
  • Challenge your friends in the Game Cente and unlock Trophies
  • Universal app with iCloud support. Play on your iPhone and iPad and your progress will be automatically synchronized.
  • Original soundtrack for an immersive and unique sound experience

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